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Has Anyone Suffered From Shoulder Impingement?

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dave50 | 09:09 Thu 28th Mar 2024 | Health & Fitness
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My shoulder is really painful when getting dressed and lifting my shoulder. Any advice and can it be cured? Thank you. 



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I did - e.g. couldn't reach behind me to get my other coat sleeve.

GP said -"It's not a frozen shoulder & we don't do steroid injection under the NHS any more."

Went private - practioner said "It's a frozen shoulder". Did steroid injections & cured it - still ok after 4 or 5 years.

Yes, I had it in both shoulders. First doctor said if it hurts to move it, then don't move itAgony for six months or more with every day tasks impossible. Physiotherapy was tried 




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Physio was not much help, but eventually got injections which miraculously cured it. Luckily mine was NHS

I suppose it depends on the cause but I had terible trouble for a few months after a rotator cuff injury to my right shoulder. Everything hurt to do, I had to see 2 different GPs before the 2nd agreed I could have a cortisone injection and I was miraculously cured in 24 hours.

I have had injections in both my knees and shoulders under the NHS and one knee was done recently.  My shoulder was like that for quite some time and in the end I had 3 ops on it.  They removed calcium and made more room for the joint to move.  It was much better for a long while but it is slowly getting sore again.  Worth seeing GP to ask if something can be done.

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Thank you, sounds like it could be a long journey. 

The first thing you need to do is ask your GP to send you for an X-ray. When they know what is the cause of the pain, then it can be treated. Have you tried things like Voltarol cream, and obviously painkillers?

I had it, diagnosed as a frozen shoulder which can take many  months to eradicate. Sleep was also painfull. I had physio but found a couple of warmed wheat bags around the shoulder at night eased the pain

It could be a frozen shoulder, or it could be arthritis. best to get it x-rayed to be sure.

PS - a friend diagnosed with a frozen shoulder following an accident had manipulation under anaesthetic which seemed to cure it.

I had a frozen shoulder some years ago.  The doctor had to follow the usual procedure of starting with an ultrasound, then physio which helped.  They weren't keen on an injection and he said that if it was done it would have to be ultrasound guided.  After several sessions of physio and exercises to do at home I was eventually referred to a consultant who said he wanted MRIs on both shoulders and came to the conclusion that I had wear and tear on both shoulders.  By the time I had got through that lot which took half the year the frozen shoulder had cleared.  A frozen shoulder is inflammation in the capsule that encloses the joint and it clears up on it's own eventually.

Possibly a useful starting point:

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Has Anyone Suffered From Shoulder Impingement?

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