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The End Is Nigh.

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gulliver1 | 13:40 Thu 18th Apr 2024 | Politics
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The Tories have known the game is up for some time now. They can read the polls as well as everyone else can.They know now they are facing Electoral wipe out.And they stand a good chance of ending up as the 3rd largest party after the GE.The Tories find this hard to accept as they were born to believe that they are the Party of Government.And have always thought that things like this never happen to people like them. Wrong!.



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🎵 Roll out the Barrel..... We've got the Blues on the run.🎵

almost makes you want to come and live in England - very cheap rates from Dunkirk

When, and if, Sir Kier gets to number ten and starts to make a big mess.  What on earth is Gully going to moan about?

I guess it will be to denegrate the wek opposition.

no - he will bang on about how SK is strugglng bravely against overwhelming odds to right the Tory wrongs - innit.

KS - Keir

LOL at TTT 18.55! 😄

I don't really think there's anything credible to say about the Tories. Most people think that way and they're gonna get whammed. Tis true!

then folks will begin to realise what a huge mistake they have made!

Question Author

09.17......"What on earth is Gully going to moan about"?  When Labour get to power and all the Tories have taken their black arm bands off after their period of mourning, deep regret and sorrow of their sad and well deserved loss.

.....I will rejoice rejoice as The Ghastly Lady once said.....

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The End Is Nigh.

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