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gulliver1 | 10:58 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | News
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The Tory Twisting dept have been caught out lying again Using an on line video .Saying London under Labour has become crime capital of the world .Showing a scene of a panicking crowd fleeing in terror along a London subway .Only it ain't a London Subway..It's Penn station New York.Showing a scene of people running in panick after reports of gunfire way back in 2017.Couldn't even get that right.



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Looking at the link it is a perfect example of the crookery and lengths politicians will go to achive high office, and it is becoming very worrying in a sense. Why is it worrying? this is the sort of distorsion that the likes of Putin dishes out, albeit much milder compared to Putin, but you could say we are getting there little by little. I still maintain that...
12:21 Tue 26th Mar 2024

i don't know about lying naomi but they aren't telling the whole truth... rather a naive question 


khan's influence is little more than advisory... they like to make a song and dance over mayoral oversight but the reality is that the mayor of london does not control the operation of the met like he does say for TfL

i also live in London and would gladly vote for khan

//i don't know about lying//


Why say they are then, untitled?   You were quite clear. //what the Met says about how it is governed is a very different thing from how it is actually governed. //

That you would vote for Khan doesn't surprise me, untitled.

Do you drive a car in London unntitled. Have you had a perfectly good vehicle deemed non-compliant and scrapped because the Mayor constanty lies with his fairy story statistics and crooked so-called referenda.?

they aren't telling the whole truth naomi. 

not really your business if i own a car or not retrocop

Untitled, I think th

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Often wonder how Boris managed to radicalise so many people to vote him in as Mayor ,those years ago. He must have drugged them all ,or they were *** Bet they wouldn't vote him in again now they have seen the error of their ways.

Oops!  try again.  I think there's a lot of that about.



    //not really your business if i own a car or not retrocop//

It is germaine to the debate but I take it you don't own a car so don't care how this spiv fleeces hard working tradesmen and artisans who refuse to work in London and the surrounds now.Nurses and doctors on night shift pay £25 to get to their hospital st work. Talk about I'm alright Jack

Question Author

Boris has said he will help this lady to get elected ,does he mean the Jennifer Arcuri Way ? Will the tax payer have to pay her £500,000 after he has helped her.And does Carrie know.?

I doubt anyone deliberately used the wrong stock photo. It'll be down to someone unable to understand the problem with using a generic picture rather than one of the actual location. Just human fallibility and a lack of checking. No big deal.

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