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So the clam beds not such a great find. A bit pooy in fact😩

I got an e coli infection from swimming in a river in Florida.  It's not that unknown

Another example of "privileged" Mod taking advantage of superior status to bully odinary poster who's opinion they don't agree with.

Take the piggy bank from the greedy *** and back into public ownership.

It's a water company, not a cash machine for grasping scum.

"Superior status"? Give me a break, your inferiority complex is showing.

Boat Race is as bit of a non-event. Just going through the motions. 💩

the river Thames is cleaner now than it ever has been for the boat race 

Am I Right ?
I'm Not Wrong !

Well 70-80% of London & Thames Valley drinking water comes from the river(s) so... it must be good?

No wonder I've had the trots for the last 10 days.!

Plus they are killing thousands of fish in in the rivers.

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high levels of E. coli in Thames

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