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The First (Main) News Story On Bbc Tv This Morning

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Hymie | 09:04 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | News
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A man is expected to attend an Easter church service this morning.


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I'm not a great fan of the royal family, I should add, but he's in the role and like it or not it has aconstitutional significance. 

Greggs do filled rolls, where's their parade? 😏

NMA 10.43            "it's the role he fills douglas"

               🤣 He wouldn't even know how to fill a cheese roll 🤣

I thought travelling the highlands and lowlands in your little van mooching free burghers was your main thorough  fare.

Retro 10.56  What are you doing on Ab this morning ?.

You should be on "Point Duty" at Dover, sorting this Brexit caused Traffic chaos out.


At least they're mentioning the existence of a 'church service' on this holiest day in the Christian calendar, and it's not yet another reference to Ramadan

"I might go down the pub later today – I wonder if I should inform the BBC, so they can include this in their news schedule."

I would if I were you. Be sure to tell them about your views on Brexit and what a terrible inconvenience all the stupid people who voted for it have caused you. Add some links to a couple of your mate Phil's diatribes and I reckon they'll do a ten minute slot for "Panorama".  😏 

Hymie 09.50        "I might go down the pub later"

If you get there first Hymie  mine's a pint.  Have got some great video's to show you from our mate Phil🤣

"If you get there first Hymie  mine's a pint."

I thought you didn't live here. Or are you just over for Easter?


                    //Have got some great video's to show you from our mate Phil🤣// 

Then you can both have a master debate  together other the content no doubt.

Retrocop 14.39. I am surprised they even let you become school crossing warden in charge of children with your warped mind.

Little boy. Would you like a sweetie?

I highly recommend you try a Gob stopper.

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