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gulliver1 | 14:56 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | News
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A new poll amongst 15,000 people shows,Tories are only likely to hold on to 100 seats or even less at the General Election.With Labour to sweep the Board with 468 seats  Even Sunak and Hunt could lose their seats.  Wonder how many more Tory MPs are about to ask for their severance pay ?🤣



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JTH 17.57 It is not compulsary to read my posts.Please feel free to ignore.   I will not be offended.

I often have a peep to see if there is anything new contained therein......I rarely find this to be the case.

Perhaps if you widened your focus it could deepen your appeal?

Look out for tomorrow's thrilling instalment.

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Apparently any Tory MP can click on to this latest poll to see if they among the ones who are likely to survive the GE or be one of the losers so they can arrange to not stand for the election and claim severance pay and rip off the taxpayer for as much as possible before the grand finale.

Alas, I dont think it will happen, but I would like to see the Tories lose every seat they hold

Vote Reform UK !

If one can be bothered up look at the details

it shows that this is indeed a seat by seat analysis. So as things stand pretty accurate. 
As things stand

Lab 468

Con 98

SNP 41

Lib Dem 22

PC 2

Speaker 1

NI 18


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