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gulliver1 | 10:44 Mon 01st Apr 2024 | News
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Pledge number five in Sunaks manifesto was to reduce the number of boat people arriving in the Uk. Sunak  is even claiming he has reduced the number of boats arriving.         5.000 have arrived by boat in the first quarter of this year making it the busiest quarter on record .Have you been telling Boris type lies again Mr Sunak



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In his first speech as Prime Minister Sunak said ‘This government will have integrity, professionalism and accountability at every level.’ – whatever happened to that?

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10.54 Hymie. When Sunak said "Professionalism" he meant .         We Tories will Professionally milk the Tax payer for as much as we possibly can .

10.54. I'm wondering what his last speech will be, or will it just be a last smash and grab. Stuff as much cash in the breifcase and RUN.🤣🤣

It's a major reason, among many, why the Tories will be vaporised at the next election. 

Porkies from guĺiver or just a's not the busiest quarter ever, it's the busiest first  quarter ever.


I agree with Andy though...Rishi has failed on this and the public can see that.

Not that I expect an improvement under Labour who have no solutions either.

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I do apologise .I made a mistake with my OP. It was not 5,000 boat people that had arrived in the first quarter of this year it was 5,445 I am sorry if I misled all you Tory supporters.

At least we're counting them so precisely now...there was a time they came in in backs of lorries as well and they disappeared without being counted 

Got a link? only 5435 on my news site

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NMA 17.57 "At least we're counting them so precisely now"   That's a Good Idea . Do you think that will stop them coming.

No but it'll help you with your weekly threads on migrants. Labour's solution may be just to stop counting. Then you can claim the problem has been solved.

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