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This Youtube Video Contains Damning Audio Recordings Of What Senior Post Office Management Knew Of Horizon Issues Many Moons Ago

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Hymie | 20:27 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | News
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Maybe the noose will tighten around Paula Vennells neck.

In other reported information that I’ve seen, bugs within the Horizon system were referred to by the location of the Post Office (that first reported them) by staff at Fujitsu’s Bracknell HQ.

Why the Police are not investigating those who clearly committed perjury in the prosecution sub-post masters is a mystery to me.




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christian, my April. Yes I'd love to Vennels and co in the slammer.

I have no sympathy for the people who hid the crime thus protecting themselves.  

Some of the post masters killed themselves and the management need to be held accountable.


christian, my April. Yes I'd love to Vennels and co in the slammer. - - foo-banga-lang - the foibles should ....

seriously the police DO seem to standing around with their hands in their pockets...

A few have been warned they are under investigation for Perjury - Gareth Jenkins and ANne Chambers

GJ is not being called I think

Anne C had four days in the witness box being cross examined. She had a bit of a torrid time. Her change of mind and heart didnt really come to the fore. She was the witness to fact in Lee Castleton case. He picked on the Callender Sq bug and said it was the cause of his downfall. Anne C had specially studied that one and was able to refute his allegation

The idea that it could have been a bug but not that one was not pleaded. Lee C was pleading the case himself

Lee C lost ( £25o 000). Anne C went back and wrote a memo - "what went wrong in the Lee C case" - which is not ezactly - "Bring it on, all of them, we will shog all of them". She also complained that as a witness to fact she was treated as an expert and this was not on. - So I think post case, she had a long think and took legal advice.

She also refused to do anyother appearances. The report was ignored, and Gareth jenkins was identified as one who was willing to lie. 

foo danga lang shang shang shang - just gettng into AB rhyming slang.

erm - the thing is - why has it been leaked now? The tape is of Second Sight and they (SS) must have had it all along. - The second sight report which detailed remote access by either Fujitsu or PO was written in 2013, Second Sight was fired and the prosecutions went on for another 6 years.So it is 11 y old and pops up just a week before Paula V gives evidence

You see now, Paula Vennells can turn up to the tribunal and say "gottle of geer , gottle of geer, I am pleading the fifth and keeping my mouf shut" and she has adequate reason to

( In this inquiry, Judge wonky tells you if you can keep silent and not answer a question)


Question Author

Based on those audio recordings, Paula Vennells clearly gave false testimony before the parliamentary select committee – our MPs need to ask her to explain her evidence given to them under oath (in light of these recordings).

There was a guy on the Nicky Campbell phone-in a few weeks ago who said he resigned from being a post office manager in 2002 because he knew that Horizon was faulty, and management knew it was faulty because one day in 2001, he had a routine visit from a manager and an IT person, and whilst they were looking at the screen, the system activated a transaction on his monitor without anyone touching the keyboard. They knew then and did nothing, apparently.

I meant to say that this man did report it to the inquiry.

Question Author

Roll  who was questioned by the Tribunal last year, clearly said there was remote access...

I suppose there is so much established lying during these hearings ( the dept of crim investigation, all lied like flat fish- the ex policemen being the worst) that you need - "yes I knew about this" to establish something

One thing I did notice ( as I foo-foo'd the wong wongs,  sozza just getting into TTT AB speak, bless) is that "allegation" is constntly used

and I daresay, she will insist that is what she thought it was - an allegation only and not confirmed despite exahustive ( EXHAUSTIVE !) investigation

Paula Vennells, ugnly inside and out, the very definition of ugliness goes all the way to the bone.  Evil women.

Vennells and all the others should stand trial.  If they knew then Jail time plus repayment of any bonuses and gold plated pensions.  Use it to fund the compensation to those they jailed or murdered (forcing people to suicide is murder in my book).

This has brought more shame on this country than anything I've ever seen.  Words are insufficient.  

a few more suicides might ease the pain

It's been obvious from day one of this coming out that the post office knew exactly what was going on, and that they had a deliberate strategy of letting people they knew to be innocent be prosecuted.

It's good that tapes like this exist. Vennells and all others that colluded in the cover up belong in prison.

Question Author

More recordings damning the Post Office senior management are coming to light on an almost daily basis.


There will be no prosecutions in the Post Office scandal. Nobody was to blame. It will all just fade away. If anything was going to happen to management, it would have done so by now. Innocent people have suffered and will continue to do so. Some senior managers still think there are lots of guilty PO managers who will get away with dishonesty as a result of the decision to overturn the convictions.

Question Author

It gets even worse.


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This Youtube Video Contains Damning Audio Recordings Of What Senior Post Office Management Knew Of Horizon Issues Many Moons Ago

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