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Sunak and Hunt.

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gulliver1 | 11:15 Mon 08th Apr 2024 | News
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Rishi and Jeremy Have taken a pair of bolt cutters to the triple lock rise for State pensioners.By giving them a £692 a year rise for Basic pension with one hand, and taking back £530 with the other hand in Tax. Due to freezing the tax threshold. Hunt could come up with this one.



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My private pension will be reduced because the tax threshold is staying the same. Mrs Clarion is not affected as she doesnt have a private pension.With my state pension, private pension and Mrs Clarions' state pension, our total income is £21k. Because of my private pension, neither of us qualifies for Pension Credit. Our total income is massively below...
13:55 Mon 08th Apr 2024

Thank you, ,the shedman. I don't see any problem with the figures quoted in the OP. These are common knowledge aren't they? I seem to remember they were quoted on BBC News last week and post-budget.

He has quoted the low number which is for the old pension and not the new one which is over £900 and doesn't say how he came by the figure of taking back £530 in tax.

And the extra on tax is cumulative effect of several years of freezing tax allowances for the average pensioner including those with large private pensions. Whereas the pension increase is one year's increase for those on just the old style pension.

So its misleading


Similar to 10ClarionSt pension wise the same increased council tax we pay over £2000, is yet another nail in a depleted coffin. I missed the new pension rate by a month.

be that as it may. As a once wealthy country, it’s elderly tax payers sure are getting shafted.

State pensions aren't means tested so the tax people pay relates to their total earnings. The original figure recycled here was come up with by Ed Davey according to that article: he's quoting certain cases and I'm sorry to say being economical with the truth. There no doubt are some people paying that much extra in tax maybe even more - probably the wealthier ones but it's nothing to do with tampering with the "triple lock". Someone's read something and quoted it without understanding.

A typical person on a state pension isn't having to hand back three quarters of their pension rise is tax. I can't find any source that quotes that. The triple lock in any case is supposed to help keep people's standard of living the same, not make them wealthier 

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10 Clarion 07.49  Thanks for your reply . So very very true.

so any progress on how you arrived at the figures in your OP?

He simply copied/ retyped them without having a clue whether it was daft as it suited the wind up agenda. I dontvthinl He has a clue or cares whether it's nonsense or not.

He does his party / case no favours and unfortunately detract from any serious message, like the stealth tax with allowance freezes.

He is basically comparing one years pension increase for one group of pensioners with several years tax increases for average pensioners including higher rate taxpayers with big private pensions.

It's a daft comparison.

But he gets responses.


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NMA @ 11.20🤣" I dontvthinl"🤣... you have a clue either🤣

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Ichkeria @ 08.47 "The triple lock in any case is supposed to help keep people's standards of living the same not make them wealthier " But use the extra tax going into the treasury to make the Tory MPs wealthier.

I posted the personal tax allowance and the two pension rates in an earlier post in this thread.

No pensioner on either pensions pay tax on their basic pensions.

Where did you get your figures from, Gulliver?

gulliver, to laugh so much when someone makes one typo is hilarious considering your use of random capitals and incorrect use of spacing around punctuation marks, combined with your inability to copy and paste. But if it helps you avoid addressing the issues and defending your porkies and wind-ups, it's all I'd expect from you

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