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More Lies From Post Office Senior Managers Exposed

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Hymie | 21:59 Wed 17th Apr 2024 | News
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Most of those who lost everything in this scandal are yet to receive a penny in compensation - no doubt the government are waiting for many to die.


They have been offered a payment of £600k in full and final settlement, but for many this is a derisory offer for what they have lost/suffered.


I think the government should give them each £600k in interim compensation now, and then negotiate with each for any compensation figure above this.

This would at least alleviate some of the immediate financial hardship they are still facing.




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I agree.

I'm not sure who  is ultimately responsible but shouldn't it be the PO not the government? 

^...and so the PO should pay it.

they'll probably have to stand in line, the government is waiting for Windrush survivors to die first, then Waspi Women, then PO people.

actually, I suppoe the tainted blood people belong in there somewhere too.

shouldn't it be the PO not the government? 

PO is like Thames Water - near to insolvent. Shouldnt it be self financing - yeah yeah we have heard all that...

govt has agreed to pay - BUT the bean counters are making difficulties over - future earnings and value of the business when it was mauled and then sold

The fluffy little Beeb hacks  and hackettes are not able to appreciate that this is really restitution and not damages

also - all the claimants have HUGE legal fees

All victims should identify as banks, instant bottomless pit of cash to solve their problems.

I agree Hymie except the funds should be from those that should be Jailed and property confiscated from them, those at the top nand anyone else complicit.

Why should the public pay whilst they still live high on the Hog?

Hi! me....

unedifying display today in the oral testimony by Rodric Williams. Chief of Litigation - oh but  he doesnt do criminal stuff

Bug-eyed Jason beer glares at  him and says " well let us see if the documents bear this out"

and of course he IS involved ( as chief of litigation for chrissakes) and gives advice in criminal matters

and we get into the nitty gritty of

Did the Post Office know of Horizon computer program defects ( yes) - did they disclose them ( nope) - then how does the world know about them ( OK yes, later 2017)

who knew beforehand - ( that is a very very vexed question, with a lot of lying and distortion of the truth ( more lying) and prevarication ( further lying and cover up).

and what happened to Simon Clarkes advice of 2013 " gor blimey boys you can't do any of this - simon QC) - not an awful lot.....

tomorrow - same no hoper - Rodric Williams - on the 'shredding memo'

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More Lies From Post Office Senior Managers Exposed

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