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Attention Scammed Victim!

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davebro3 | 14:37 Sun 14th Apr 2024 | Jokes
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I write to bring to your notice that the International Monetary Funds (IMF) has selected your email address among the Scam victims listed to be Compensated of $300, 000.00 ( Three Hundred Thousand United States Dollars ) your email address is among those listed by the International Monetary Funds (IMF) and compensation has been issued out in ATM MASTER CARD for you via TD Bank NA. The America’s Most Convenient Bank. kindly reply back to this e-mail address ([email protected]) for security reasons and also to speed up delivery to your home address Via FedEx, DHL or Ups.

Mr. Jerry White.




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😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    😀    

But it was nowhere near $300,000 I was scammed out of.

It's too much.  I can't accept it.

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I needed a good laugh!

Question Author

Another one today -

"Your Package worth the sum of 4,200,000USD in an ATM VISA CARD is ready to be delivered to you of which was deposited here by the United Nations with the directive to dispatch to your home address.All you have to do now is to confirm your delivery details such as:"


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Attention Scammed Victim!

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