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A sporting chance

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granny grump | 17:56 Wed 12th Jan 2011 | Quizzes & Puzzles
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Please can you help me finish this quiz - I know that I haven't done very well

Shuffled sports & stars
25 fried flock went frantic (6,8 - 7)
26 a scheming limp whips elm (7,6 - 8)
30 skinny lion won bug in joy run (5,9 - 5,5)
31 a keen irish romeo whirls glace (6,9 - 5,6)
33 tinsel arena wins smile (6,8 - 6)
40 haiku tribes stack sisal (5,7 - 9)

Sporting Songs (song & artist)
S F T H by C R
R W T A by S

Silver Screen Sports
Queen of the Night


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sporting songs- Riding with the Angels by Samson
26 Michael Phelps swimming
25 Andrew Flintoff Cricket
30 Jonny Wilkinson Rugby Union
33 Serena Williams - Tennis
31 Willie Shoemaker Horse racing
Question Author
Thank you ljdksa, scrunge999 & shaneystar2

I havent noticed you on here for a while shaney - have you been away?
Hi grannygrump .No I'm floating around .Had my husband very poorly for a while .
Hope all is Ok with you and yours .All the best fot the new year .
40 Kriss Akabusi athletics
Question Author
Thank you shaney hope that your husband is well now I am fine as is the family - another 2 great granchildren & another on the way Happy New Year to you too.

I've managed to find the song SFTH - CR

Just left with the film

Thank you all for your help
Hello Granny Grump for the film I have ROWING.
Good Luck.
Question Author
Thank you birdie73 I can post it now though wether it will get there in time is another matter

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A sporting chance

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