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Should We Have Compassion For The Brexit Conned?

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Hymie | 21:47 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Society & Culture
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Especially those who believed the lies told by Farage, Reece-Mogg, Johnson etc.




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As I have said (many times) anybody who casts their vote in any form of plebiscite, based on what they have heard from politicians, has only themselves to blame when the outcome id not quite what they expected.

Finished now, Hymie?


Question Author

People were conned in 2019 to vote for a Tory government – those conned are unlikely to be conned again in the up-coming general election.


But having made such a monumental error (by being conned by the likes of Farage, Reece-Mogg, Johnson etc) and voting for Brexit, it seems only logical to me that the electorate are given the opportunity to correct that mistake (and not be conned again).

I think we should have compassion for those who can't accept a democratic vote and are obsessed with Brexit.

Question Author

Imagine we had a referendum in which the electorate voted for every UK citizen to be paid £50k per annum without the need to work.


It would be quite reasonable, once the electorate realised what a disaster such a vote was, that they could reverse the decision – but that option is being denied to the UK population by the Brexit cult, in terms of us correcting the disastrous Brexit referendum vote.

I voted for Brexit because I believed it was the right decision, and would do so again.

The continual patronizing of arrogant losers does nothing to alter that view.

"But having made such a monumental error (by being conned by the likes of Farage, Reece-Mogg, Johnson etc) and voting for Brexit,..."

You have this notion that all those who voted to leave were pursuaded (or "conned" according to you) to do so by politicians. It's quite a nasty supposition because it is patronising and leads me to believe that you think those who did so were too stupid to make up their own minds. You oftten use the word "stupid" to describe Leave voters and it's very tiresome.

I've told you, I don't know how many times, that I was conned by nobody. No politician had any influence over the way I voted (and, as an aside, nor are they ever likely to). I doubt I'm alone.

Everybody I've spoken to, who voted for Leave, says they did so because they wanted better control of immigration, illegal or otherwise. Too many people coming here from the EU; take back control and reduce it. Nobody said anything about improving things for business; remove the EU shackles; trade with the world etc. They all voted Leave because of immigration. As I've said before, I didn't vote because I didn't think it would make the slightest difference to us ordinary folk, whether we were in our out of the EU. I still think that. 

I voted leave to remove what I felt to be an unnecessary, intrusive & expensive extra level of governance.

(But we are still stuck with devolution unfortunately.) 

Question Author

Clearly there is not much compassion from ABers – let them eat sovereignty.

Hymie, your posts on this subject are insulting.    Those here who voted Leave are neither stupid nor idiots.  They knew what they were voting for and appear to be quite content with the result - as I am.  

Question Author

NJ – there are any number of ABers on here, singing the praises of the likes of Farage & Johnson – my bet is that they believe every word of what these idiots say.

Hymie, what is it with your vocabulary?  Is it really that limited?  It doesn't follow that anyone who disagrees with you is an idiot - even high profile people you can't abide.  If you want a grown up discussion try growing up.

Should we have compensation for being bombarded by erroneous Brexit threads here ?

Question Author

Naomi – I can assure you that there are people around who believe what Farage & Johnson say, despite both being complete liars.

Your opinions are just that, hymie.  Stop insulting intelligent people.

both sides lied,the premise of brexit was good ,the deal the tories got and  agreed to was bad.frost and his team were danced around by barnier and his team

The machinations are what they are, but I will never stand still and have my intelligence insulted by a stranger who is entitled to a different view.

On my recent cruise, I was chatting with a guest who told me he doesn't like The Beatles. Do I tell him there's something wrong with him?

People think differently, but pompous patronizing remains what it is.

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Should We Have Compassion For The Brexit Conned?

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