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Usb Charger Not Working With Ipad

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smurfchops | 19:34 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Technology
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I have had my BELKIN USB charger for a few years.  I put it into a plug and try to charge my iPad mini but nothing.  I have an older USB charger, use same plug, it works.  Do these USB chargers stop working after a few years? 



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They can develop faults.  Have you checked there is no muck in the usb ports?

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Will do. Seems odd that an older USB charger works better than the newer one. 

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Tablets need a higher output charger than for a phone. 

The ipad charger is 5.1v 2.1 amps. 10w

Is the Belkin anywherer near that? Its written on it.
phone chargers are 5v 1amp

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Usb Charger Not Working With Ipad

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