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My Suite And Maxie

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jennyjoan | 14:03 Wed 13th Dec 2017 | Animals & Nature
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This is my second posting.

Anyway Maxie loved to sit on my last big comfy armchair on the back of it and whiled away the wee hours viewing out the window.

He has naturally resumed position but within 2 weeks I can see the pile of the new chair going down.

I have a fixed a cushion bed on a very tiny table where he can look out. Is there any thing I could get to either stop the pile from collapsing or a wee thing for Maxie. Thanks


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A throw over the back of the chair?
I'd put one of those smaller flat thick pet beds (cat size?) on the back of the armchair where he sits.
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I have tried that to be honest but as you can guess - there he is plonked on top of his chair then then he and chairs also weighs down xxxx so more weight.
Don't let him sit on the chair?
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I am wondering would there be sorta very very high pet chairs - I then could train him on to that - avoiding the new suite altogether
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Islay he has been sitting on the old chair for yonks and truly really loves looking at the kids, cats, people - it is is favourite place of the house. I was hoping could i put something like hard on the pile - I don't know what to do or think
If Maxie is sitting on the top[ of the back of the chair, people won't be able to see the flat pile because he will be hiding it.
Personally I wouldn't do anything, if its his seat I would just let him get on with it - after all its only furniture
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that's funny Tilly - too true.
It's what happens when we have pets, my Daughter's two have their perches too and it's sweet.
When you say 'pile' are you referring to the nap of the fabric or do you mean the seat back cushion is collapsing under the weight of Maxie?
jj if maxie flattens the pile, your bum will too!
You dont know that Woofgang! Maxie may be called Maxie for a reason ;)
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I am talking about the back seat cushion which is quite high. So it sinks quite deeply when he sits on it. I've only got it 2 weeks.

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Woofy - my bum sits on the sitting cushion and even then I never ever sit on that chair.
We have a 12 month old pup and he does exactly the same. We've just put a throw over that bit of the furniture so it doesn't get too grubby. As for that cushion sinking, we just leave it as it is unless we have guests, then we remove the throw and plump up the cushion and it looks just like the rest of the sofas/chair.
Maxi is a dog, it's what dogs do. Our pup has given us so much pleasure I really don't mind how much he squashes the back cushions, he's happy and so are we.
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I love Maxie too Ethy
I'm sure you do jennyjoan, just leave him be.
Just leave him, let him enjoy life. When I think of the things I fussed over that my dog used to do, scuffed up lawns, dog hair everywhere, etc. What I wouldn't give to have her back again.
^ Wise words ...

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My Suite And Maxie

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