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Pins And Needles

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piggynose | 11:46 Tue 26th Mar 2024 | Health & Fitness
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should i be concerned?

just in my right hand, and only when i´m at the computer and on my long walks!


ps i´m 64 yr old male



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That's an odd one, if it only happened when you were using your keyboard I would suggest itwas due to repetitive, small movements affecting a nerve, maybe the way you rest your hand. 

Are you diabetic? 

Does your hand or fingers go blue or white? A sort of ash grey if you are darker skinned

Question Author

Barry; I'm not diabetic and my fingers don't go a funny colour. It comes and goes. It comes on pretty strong when I'm at the pc on my desk. But goes away when I move to the settee.

? Carpal tunnel syndrome

Do you rest that hand in a particular way when you are sitting in front of the pc?

Try shaking your hand, flexing your fingers and waggling your hand from the wrist every so often

Carpet Tunnel 

Carpal tunnel 

Question Author

Carpal tunnel ?

so am i doomed?

i guess i´ll have to google that🤔

thanx folks anyway! : )

You can buy a different sort of mouse that puts your hand more vertical. Might be worth trying.

Called an ergonomic mouse.

Something like this;pf_rd_p=8827a3bb-10b9-4667-9fab-9c34a95e5638&pf_rd_r=92169FVSE3HRCZJ4JW89&pd_rd_wg=A9nIH&pd_rd_w=89GxG&pd_rd_r=5ec5c441-0490-4ae3-8771-d138148bacf9

Don't self-diagnose carpal tunnel syndrome, it could be something else entirely.  Pins and needles is only one of the symptoms.

If it worries you or gets worse see your GP.

it does sound like a repetitive strain injury -  I remember about a quarter of our staff got something similar when our office went digital a generation ago. (I'm assuming you're right handed?)

Long walks I don't know. Do you regularly carry bags on your shoulder or twist bottle caps or something?

Anyway, I'd be seeing my GP.

I get similar sometimes when I'm using my tablet...holding with left hand as I use the right for typing and scrolling. The right will get tingly. 

I agree with seeing GP if you're concerned. I got it when using the mouse but it was related to a shoulder injury hence the way my arm was placed not carpal tunnel, it also affected walking if I swung my arms. There are probably several other causes too.

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Pins And Needles

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