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All You Can Eat Dessert Buffets In The Uk

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Robert1984 | 20:11 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Food & Drink
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In the all the UK 'all you can eat' Chinese and world buffet restaurants ive been in, the desserts are always the biggest let down. The ice cream for example usually tastes like the cheapest ice creme you can buy, and it's rare any dessert options live up to normal standard.


I have looked up all you can eat restaurants that specialise in desserts and not even found one. Why do you think that is? Do you think the idea of a buffet where you could fill yourself with a wide selection of as many luxury desserts as you can eat would be a good business idea, and would you personally visit such a buffet? 



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Here's one in London.  Cake...cake...and more cake.
20:18 Wed 12th Jun 2024

Here's one in London.  Cake...cake...and more cake.

Think I'd be sick with an all you can eat cake or dessert buffet.

In fact these all you can eat places mainly serve stuff you wouldn't want to stuff yourself with. In the past I've tried a few but wouldn't go near them now.

I doubt there is a great demand for one. They need to make a profit so they ain't going to create expensive desserts if the customer is going to stuff themselves. So you get what they can afford.

Ooooh, I would love this as I have sweet tooth. I'd have: tiramisu, death by chocolate, baklava, Eton mess, Apple pie. Forget the starters & main.

A lot of desserts are a let down because the Chinese etc don't eat a lot of sweet stuff.  The only buffets I have been to where the desserts are good have been in South America where they have a sweet tooth but I have always been to full up from the savoury dishes to want them.  I don't think there is a market for a dessert buffet.

I think bottomless/all you can eat will only work if they are attached to a bakery business like the one I linked to.

There are also chains that specialise in sweet things...but items are individually priced. 

I'm the same as you vagus...I might have managed when I was younger and had a meal so I could have the dessert. All you can eat places are a disappointment. I've been to made me sick.

The Churaascarias in Brasil are fantastic.  Effectively an 'all you can eat'  but quality (not like the UK and US)

I've been persuaded to try an all you can eat buffet.  Not for me, I prefer quality over quantity.

Those churaascarias are a different kettle of meat entirely.

I don't usually bother with dessert anyway.  I prefer savoury sowill have a starter and main.  OH will have a main and dessert, but even he would be satisfied with a normal dessert, or a bit of ice cream.  

So, no, we wouldn't use one of these  'buffets'.  We are older and far, far too wise.

Barry - it's still an 'All you can eat' though.  Endless salad bar and desserts.  The only difference is that the endless meat is served at your table when you request it via a green or red to say Stop or Go.

The few All You Can Eat meals I've had were the worst I have ever eaten. I would not entertain them again. Less is more.

I remember going to a seafood buffet in Saudi about 15 years ago.  32 quid and all you could eat lobster, shrimp, crab, salad.  In the UK you get ..Harvester.  No wonder nobody wants to go there.

To me it was a temptation to overeat & I usually felt ill afterwards. No one needs that....

If you want a quality ice cream desert, then pay for a quality ice cream desert.


You can't board a Ryanair flight and complain there aren't business class seats.

Ooh, who wants loads of desserts? Not me, thanks. 
I guess people are full up with their crazy mixture of a curry thing, a pasta thing, a spicy thing, all on one plate. 
After all that I only want a lemon sorbet, but... not available. 

People tend to be pigs when given the opportunity 

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Thank you for finding one Pastafreak. I did not know one existed. It is just cake though. It wouldn't satisfy Sharon A. Me neither as I'd want Eton mess, but I'd also take jam tart and custard and school cake with icing and hundreds and thousands on top!

I agree that in general all you can eat is not the most fantastic quality, but from my experience they concentrate more on the mains, and I would have thought the desserts would cost less to run because they don't need all the meat and seafood etc.

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All You Can Eat Dessert Buffets In The Uk

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