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Window Won't Open

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maggie01 | 21:30 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | Home & Garden
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My window is in the lock position which allows a small opening for air. The handle will unlock on the button but will not pull up to open the window. I have replaced the handle but the new one is doing the same. It pulls up a fraction by the screws. I just managed to get the screws undone to replace handle is there something else going on here 



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When you changed the handle was it moving freely before you put in in the lock position? Did it go in to the lock position easily when you closed the window? You didn't have to force it?

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No the old handle didn't move freely that's why I thought it was the handle but the new one is doing the same. I barely lifts

Does it lift when the window is open, that's what I'm trying to determine - if the problem is in the handle or the window frame

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I haven't touched the window for ages so it has been on the lock position for a while. Only noticed something was wrong yesterday when I tried to fully open it

Have a good look and feel at the top of the window, has it dropped a few mm?

Neighbour had similar issue - turns out some of the screws in the frame were loose and catching on the window, stopping it opening.

Try a squirt of WD-40

You will probably have to get a man in if you need it repaired. 

Google window doctor and it should tell you some local firms. 

If it's not essential and isn't a potential emergency exit you could just live with it. Eventually you will have other windows needing attention and it will become more worthwhile getting a specialist to attend.

Ah Maggie... changing the handle will have no effect here. It's nothing to do with that. It's the gubbins fitted into the window that's stuck.

The aforesaid gubbins includes a sort of hook that catches on the 'keep' that's fitted to the frame of the window to locate it in the closed position.

There is plenty of adjustment available on the 'keep'. The trouble is, you need to get the window open to get at it.  This 'keep' is obviously way out of adjustment. I guess it's holding the 'hook' solid leaving you unable to withdraw it.

Hoppers is right. You really need someone to release the catch and adjust everything properly. (Look for a local uPVC window fitter for help. It won't take him long.)

If I were doing it, I'd start by driving a wooden wedge between the opening part of the window ('sash') and the actual frame. As Barry suggested, the hinges need adjusting since the sash has clearly dropped a little....  jamming the hook in the keep.

I've simplified for the sake of clarity. The hook thing I mentioned may well be multiple prongs that stick out and locate in the keep.

Same thing applies though.

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Thank you. Luckily the window was open on lock position leaving a small gap. It was the mechanism and a locksmith has now repaired it 

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Window Won't Open

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