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Lottery Club Site Starting In New Jersey

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G826j | 22:58 Mon 14th Jan 2013 | Music
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My question is how do I start a profitable web site or blog where I can make others aware of my lottery number that are already done for you ?
Since 1992 I have over 1800 matches in the 5 digit game all on the same line and if you are a lottery player,you know how hard that is. I can make better players out of people who are going to play this game or I can share the 200,000 plus numbers already made. The game is a 5 digit game in the state of NJ. The method used here can be used in any state. I will provide more info as I answer any questions. It is a new year and I'm going for it !!! This can't be discovered at home,also I don't want to meet scam artist or people looking to steal my idea,for their own gain.
I would play them all myself but 200,000 plus possibilities are a bit much plus the pot would have to be way bigger than that to even attempt the risk,if I were to do it,but I'm confident that I could,but breaking even isn't our goal, I can attempt some of the possibilities but I would need an excel guru,to weed out the ones that came out already, and not to play them,as they are not supposed to repeat in a 5 number combination USUALLY,I have only saw that once in the games 19 year history.



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welcome to Answerbank - perhaps you need to be aware that this is a UK site, if you are playing the NJ lottery then I guess you are in the States.
Point 1:
You've posted in 'Music', which isn't exactly the best place to get your post seen.

Point 2:
You've posted on a UK-based site, so your question has little relevance to most of the people here. (Try a US Q&A site, such as or )

Point 3:
I've got a university degree in mathematics and it's immediately obvious to me that your idea is utter balderdash!
Question Author
Yes I'm in the states,but a good idea is a good idea no matter where you are. Lol

Thanks for the heads up as I was unaware.
Question Author
You may think the idea is utter b-dash
But that's only an opinion,and I won't be responding to any of your post that are like the one you posted,I posted the idea because of people like yourself who don't believe,that's ok,thanks for responding,at least someone saw it,so I'm on my way.
Question Author
Thanks buenchio,see I am more aware now,thanks for the yahoo tip,will do !!!
By no stretch am I a CPU wiz,I have work to do certainly,and because of you,will now watch where I post it as well. Thanks again
There is no such system that works. The numbers that come out are random. There are no combinations that are more likely than others to come out.

Imagine that the balls were 49 different colours rather than 49 different numbers. Why would red+yellow+turquoise+magenta+crimson be any more likely to come up than azure+ lemon+ black+ lime green+sunset orange. The answer is: it would be no more likely and no less likely.

If 12,13,14,27, 36 and 38 comes out one week that combination has just a s much chance as any other combination of coming out next week. The balls have no memory

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Lottery Club Site Starting In New Jersey

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