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Legal Aid In The Uk.

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gulliver1 | 17:24 Mon 25th Mar 2024 | News
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Can anyone get Legal aid in Britain .What are the qualifications.  It appears if you are an illegal immigrant it is quite simple as this Govt has just spent £70 million of taxpayers money on Legal aid ...When immigrants Blatantly delay Tactics.. in order to fight Deportation orders.And The Solicitors are rubbing their hands with glee and laughing their way to the Bank with sack loads of Tax payers cash .They have never had it so good.



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It's available in other countries too.

Just to pick a random example:,Aid%20lawyer%20at%20appeal%20stage.

Another one here

All foreign citizens who can certify insufficient means for litigation, even if they do not reside legally in Spain, are entitled to free legal assistance in all proceedings relative to their application for asylum and the Foreigners Immigration Law (including preliminary administrative proceedings).

It's the ECHR innit. 

Is legal aid a human right?

Yes, in certain circumstances.

Under Article 6(1) ECHR everyone has the general right is ‘to a fair … hearing’ in the determination of civil rights and obligations or of any criminal charge.

"...this Govt has just spent £70 million of taxpayers money on Legal aid"

So it's not a feature peculiar to the UK nor is it a feature peculiar to "this government" (as I seem to recall other governments making funds available for the same purpose).

So what exactly is your point? Or, as usual, isn't there one? 

Everyone should have a right to a fair hearing, but one gets the impression that some things are so clear cut it ought not get that far. e.g. someone has crossed a border from a safe country, so they ain't no asylum seeker. Do they have permission to come, or are they illegal ? If illegal, off they go back to where they came within the hour. No court or fair hearing needed as they have no case.

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Even Boris Johnson managed to get "Legal aid" and use Taxpayers money to the tune of £245,000 to cover his bill for his Lawyers....During the Partygate inquiry.

It has been explained to you before that Boris did not get legal aid (although maybe that's not what you meant by 'legal aid')



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It seems like only Mps ,PMs and illegal immigrants are allowed to use the Free "Legal Aid"system in the UK then.

Er, no it doesn't. Maybe you need to do some research. 

You're clearly bored in your overseas retreat gulliver - maybe use it constructively to research things rather that twist the truth or make things up

what an asinine comment there.....don't be so stupid. 

my answer to the 17.22 comment to be precise.....

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But have no fear.The legal aid bill for these boat people will start reducing soon as Mr Sunak and his Tory Party have reduced the Number of boat people arriving in the Sunny Uplands of GB although The numbers have increased.Maybe the Tories are using  smoke and mirrors again.



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OG 16.43 Thats what confuses me. If you watch some of these boarder forces working at airports on tv, when they catch someone coming in illegaly its a quick interview and straight back on a plane to where they came from, on the same day in most cases.

That's easier to deal with as it's known where they came from on the plane and the airport that they came from can't refuse to take them back.

It's different when they come ashore on a dinghy claiming asylum

Are there figures readily available for those turned around at the UK border in a timely manner?

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Legal Aid In The Uk.

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