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For Gods sake pack it in.

Reported - for turning a news story, which is important enough in its' own right, into another argument-laden snoozefest because of your obsession with Brexit.

Your report says it's due to 'decades of neglect'.  You can hardly blame that on Brexit.

Why should she pack it in?

I say well done to her given the abuse she gets day in and day out!

Redhelen, hymie is male.

She / he - makes no difference - why should HE pack it in?


Has (s)he been vetted?

Redhelen, As Jackthehat said he turns even legitimate news stories into Brexit bashing exercises - as he's done here.  The report he's linked to cites 'decades of neglect'.  Therefore the problem cannot possibly be attributed to Brexit.

Question Author

If we were still in the EU, you can bet we’d be heavily fined for the amount of raw sewage dumped in our rivers and coastal waters.

most sane people "pack it in" when they have obiously lost!

Question Author

I’m only pointing out the consequences for the UK population as a direct result of Brexit.

Do you tell encourage us to tell other posters that go on  and on and on and on to 'pack it in ' then?

Oh goody this should be fun

So hymie, you didn't post this to discuss what is actually a scandalous story.  You really are just Brexit-bashing again - and for no reason at all this time.  Even you can't worm something out of this one.  It's pathetic, it really is.

//I’m only pointing out the consequences for the UK population as a direct result of Brexit.//

Why? What good does it do anyone?

Hymie, this is not aa a direct result of Brexit.  It's nothing to do with Brexit.

Hymie, I'm reporting this thread to the Editors and requesting that the title be amended to something relevant to the link.

//She / he - makes no difference - why should HE pack it in?//

Do you really have to ask?

Can't you see the problem?

oh let him say what he wants ! Jesus

Rowers ( oarsmen that is!) have rowed in dilute poo-poo for yonx. I did fifty years ago and look how I turned out!

Thames sewage was controlled by Bazalgette 1860- I was at Cambrdige with his grandson who was full of it

( his sewage loving grand dad) - Thames embankment and all that. and I agree that the  water companies have concentrated on profit and dividends and not invested in infrastructure - is that Brexit? 

Do you really have to ask?  Can't you see the problem?

the only problem I can see is that SOME ABers ( and mods) want to gag the poster - -  and I am NOT naming names !

and not elegantly refute his sayings - no matter hbow wrong headed they believe them to be

From European Environment Agency:

 Up to 60% of Europe's rivers and lakes are contaminated, says the European Environment Agency. 

The results of the European Environment Agency research show that only 40% of the rivers and streams in Europe have met the basic EU conditions and are subject to "satisfactory" status.

This category includes countries from Scandinavia, Scotland, Estonia, Slovakia and Romania. On the contrary, the United Kingdom, Spain, Lithuania and Germany did not meet the established standards.

Maybe Spain and Germany need to join the EU?  Hold on a  minute...

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high levels of E. coli in Thames

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