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Another Brexit Benefit For Easter,

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gulliver1 | 13:03 Fri 29th Mar 2024 | News
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Three hour wait to board Ferries at Dover as extra processing time  because of Brexit, is causing delays. Wonder how many of these delayed travellers voted for Brexit...Enjoy.



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Careful, you've denied your bestie of his greatest pleasure by posting this. He'll get blue balls.

Those who voted for Brexit stay at home for holidays stoking the fires of hatred for Johnny foreigner, his greasy food and pale beer. 🤣


If it persuades folks to spend their hard earned on staycations instead of giving it to johnnie foreigner so much the better.

How are the hotels prospering in Malta gully?

// Three hour wait to board Ferries........... because of Brexit //

it's official. Brexit is now responsible for bad weather in the channel.....

Only on the English side though, mushroom. The other half is all down to those Frenchies.

there have been delays at the ports since Day 1 - obtuse froggies. Nothing to see here - move on

day 1 of Freedom, from EU that is !- some freedom - oh and £350 m a week to the NHS ( 'oh we shouldnt have said that - Farage)

Question Author

Bet those Brexiteers stuck in the queues at Dover are dreaming of the good old days of freedom of movement throughout the EU .   Instead of the Dover nightmare.

Question Author

Bet Sunak is rubbing his hands with glee .For once he has managed to get more people trying to get out. than trying to get in.

Easter is just a long weekend and that would not draw me to any other country. I am very happy in the UK this Easter and all it has to offer.

               //managed to get more people trying to get out. than trying to get in  //

More fools them. Before Brexit it was always mega delays to cross the manche. If it wasn't bad weather it would be French fishermen blockading the ports.                   

Gulliver, you prattled on about this yesterday and on numerous other days.  Haven't you got anything better to talk about - you know, something that won't seem like Groundhog Day to your readers?

What else has he got to do with his life Naomi? Probably nothing!

Question Author

Prudie 12,08 ..........."He'll get blue balls"..........

You just watch you don't get blue tits.

I wonder how many of these delayed travellers are children, or were too young to vote at the time, or voted Remain or are foreign nationals?

But you go right ahead and enjoy their discomfort so that you can 'stick it' to anyone you think voted to leave the EU.

Great if your a minister of crookery you can board a private jet, to get to the sun. Or use an excuse to get there "on business." :0) Wheres Dave at the moment?

We voted to Leave, even those that didn't ...

Much like Argentina beat England in the 1986 World Cup. No matter they cheated ... we lost, get over it. I mean, it's not like that event is dragged over and over again, even nearly 40 years later, is it?

Ferries at Dover have been delayed due to rough weather as the Easter getaway gets into full swing.

There were reports of long queues at Dover by Friday lunchtime as vehicles face a two-hour wait to be processed.

Stormy weather that contributed to delays yesterday evening is expected to ease, but dozens of flood warnings and alerts remain in place in England.

A record number of people are set to fly this weekend, with 2.6 million leisure car trips expected on Friday.

More anti-Brexit 'porkies', or maybe just another misunderstanding by the OP.🐷😀

Question Author

13.32 Elipsis. England losing at football did not damage Britain ............Brexit did .

gulliver, I hope you've now had chance to read the link and realise you got the wrong end of the stick.... again!🤣

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Another Brexit Benefit For Easter,

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