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Did You Know There's An Easter Honours List?

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tomus42 | 23:01 Wed 03rd Apr 2024 | News
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Well there is. It was invented this Easter by the PM. Cynics might say it's because there are party donors and other cronies that need knighthoods now because the govt know they won't be around in the new year.



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I always thought twice a year was plenty. When you add in all the resignation honours lists, I expect you're due a gong yourself fairly soon?

Something about this certainly stinks.

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The number of honours given out by the Tories is eight times that given out by the previous Labour govt, so I could be in with a chance.

wow, that bad? I hadn't seen that before.

It fills the House of Lords with their cronies and supporters - but taking into account the extremely small percentage who ever turn up, I guess it's not earth-shaking 😀  😀  😀  😀  .

An archaic system that needs an overhaul.

I wonder what his resignation honours list will look like?

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Did You Know There's An Easter Honours List?

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