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Funny How Our Country If Full Of People That Hate It, Yet....

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ToraToraTora | 09:03 Tue 23rd Apr 2024 | News
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What's funny about it?

And watch all them all come on your thread trying to deflect or pretend otherwise.

The game's afoot:

Follow your spirit, and upon this charge

Cry 'God for Harry, England, and Saint George!'

I don't think it's so much that these illegals love the U.K., they just love what they will get free. Doesn't quite work the same if they get to other EU countries. 

Question Author

We are alweays being told that the best benefits are in Germany/France etc

The benefits may be better there but they dont hand them out to all and sundry TTT.

And that is the big problem with the UK.  They were told by the French to cut it.

Question Author

Well I've long advocated stopping cash benefits to our own WSS let alone foriegn invaders.

Hullo, we're back to the old double definition again :-

Left wingers trying to improve the country = traitors

Right wingers trying to improve the country = patriots

There is absolutely no evidence to support the OP's headline claim, but of course vitriol always replaced evidential debate with this guy.

It's like a visit from an old, tipsy friend.

Question Author

canary: "Left wingers trying to improve the country = traitors" - but they are trying to make it worse. The last decent idea any left winger had was Gordon Brown who decided not to join the Euro, before that it was Atlee's government creating the NHS.

I am totally sceptical about this whole Rwanda thingee.Methinks it will end up cheaper in the long run keeping those people here in the UK rather than sending them to Rwanda.Isnt there a reciprocal deal with Rwanda so that they can send their unwanted people back here.

Question Author

I'll be cheaper if they can deter thousands. Obviously more per head initially.

With hundreds arriving practically every day - more than 1000 in the past three days - how many of them do you want to keep here, ynna?

I know what you mean Naomi,but sorry i just cant see this Rwanda thing happening.Thousands of illegal immigrants arrive every month into the UK,the UK sends two or three hundred out of those thousands to Rwanda,hoping they wont find their way back to the UK.A lot of these people have stomped through the dangerous Sahara Desert,a lot of these people have managed to cross the dangerous Mediterranean Sea.How long you think before those sent to Rwanda will return here?

I'm interested to know about the ones who hate the country the UK is supposedly "full of". I know of plenty who hate certain aspects of it (the government mainly), but hate the country? I think not.

ynna, whether the scheme works or not remains to be seen - but anything that stops this constant influx has to be better than your suggestion of allowing them all to stay.  Anyone who suggests that hasn't thought it through.

They risk life because they are unable to work out the risk/reward balance and think leaving France to illegally reach here is worth the risk. They clearly need lifelong protection from themselves, ideally in a French mental health institution.

This looks like the thread to post it on. 



It's the right whingers that spend more time sla6ging off this country than anyone else.

The main reason they hate it seems to be that we're a soft touch that hands out freebies willy nilly to the wss both domestic and foreign.

Tomus, right wingers love their country - but they hate it being a soft touch.  You appear to have missed the distinction.  

Not really. If we're a soft touch then that's part of the country.

Don't claim to love the country if you don't. Just claim to love the parts of it that you agree with.

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Funny How Our Country If Full Of People That Hate It, Yet....

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