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How Would A 12 Billion Reduction In The Social Security Budget Impact The Lives...

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sandyRoe | 08:04 Wed 12th Jun 2024 | News
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it would very likely cause some of them to die. similar eugenicist "savings" by the tories since 2010 have caused hundreds of thousands of deaths among the poorest and most vulernable in our society

It might get some WSS of their Aprils to do some work instead of malingering. Good idea.

and those that can't can simply die. darwinism in action :/

Avoiding the extremes shown here there are plenty of savings to be made by getting people who wont work into work.  That is both good for the Nation and them.

Clearly this has to be done with an ear for the vulnerable and this is where the problems come since "civil servants" can become politicalised or simply mini Hitlers and derail the good and correct intentions.

Question Author

In olden days the sick or decrepit would be left out on mountain sides where nature would take its course.

If these cuts happen the modern day version of that

 will see people sit freezing in homes they can't afford to heat.

Things really don't change much.

We used to travel a lot in Switzerland some years ago and I was amazed that they had stop/go boards at roadworks where we had temporary lights. Someone pointed out that the Swiss had a mantra to reduce unemployment and giving people such menial tasks both gave them a job, thus taking away the stigma of them being unemployed and kept them occupied, thus reducing crime.

it has been happening for years sandy. the tories are simply promising to escalate a eugenicist and murderous policy that has been in place for 14 years.

^Not that untitled ever resorts to dramatics .....

9.4 million people not working. You're not telling me that they are all desperate victims of the cruel Tories. Rubbish, the vat majority are bone idle, a lot of them playing the new mental health card. They should be forced to find a job a lose benefits.

I'm sceptical about these excess deaths claims- in 2022 you were reporting on excess deaths due to austerity, in 2020 there were excess deaths blamed on covid, and in 2017 there were claims of excess deaths in 2010-2017 in this post

So we've had excess deaths since 2010- yet we are living longer.

Seems to me someone with an agenda can find data to support whatever they want to show 


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Sandy didn't you know .There is no such thing as Poverty in the UK .It must be true because Naomi keeps telling me. OK.

the thing about numbers newmodarmy is that you only get them when someone bothers to try and measure them... the glasgow university paper is available to read and has its methods included... if you think that they have arrived at those numbers erroneously then it is up to you to prove that. the fact that people have been warning about this problem for years is not proof that it isn't true.

untitled, you've posted that 'blog' before.  It was rubbish then and it's rubbish now.  If there was any substance to it, it would be headline news - not a second rate blog.

Perlease there is no one poor in the country, no one is starving, no one is short of food unless they choose to be. Go to Africa and see kids walking 5 miles for a bucket of dirty water that's poor. Poverty/poor in UK means you can't afford a takeaway every night and must slum it with the less than latest Iphone. Funny how people seem to be able to find £n a day for smokes yet claim they have to line up at a food bank. The only poor in the UK are poor choices.

untitled, we're not fools- we know that if someone wants to find some statistics to support a point they can usually find it somehow, and keep quiet if the results don't show what they want.

It seems hard to believe that excess deaths have been increasing now for 14 years due to 'austerity'  and yet life expectancy continues to grow. I'm not even sure we've has austerity since 2010, no more so than under Thatcher and in the Callaghan years when there were crises too.

Question Author

Are there not even any deserving poor anymore?

OAPs sitting in rooms like ice boxes, afraid to turn on one bar of an electric fire because of the cost. And widows, single parents, the chronically ill, all profligate with their benefits?

The people worst hit are not pensioners - the benefits system is generous - but those who do work but for a low wage. 

Question Author

"...the benefits system is generous..."

Not generous to a fault then?  😉

How can it be generous to a fault?  People make their own decisions on how they spend their money.  I know several pensioners who've hardly done a proper day's work in their lives - but they're far better off than a lot of working people,

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How Would A 12 Billion Reduction In The Social Security Budget Impact The Lives...

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