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Clue Chain 4

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Canary42 | 19:47 Fri 26th Apr 2024 | Crosswords
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The idea of the game is that the setter poses an original home-made clue which everybody is invited to solve.  The poster who solves the clue first (hopefully identified by the setter) is then invited to post their own original clue, easy or cryptic.

We will start with Hazlinny's  

Does one really need to be in Paris to take this medication?  (7)

to which mallyh has offered    aspirin.

Please respond Hazlinny.




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Yes Mally - Aspirin is correct. 😊

Question Author

Thank you hazlinny, I hope mallyh picks up on this.


"Come on mallyh, we need a nice thread-4-launching clue 😊"

jump out in the morning from behind hebe and attack 6

? Ambush

yes Hazlinny x

Thank you 😊       Windless Equatorial area has me in depressive mood.   (8)

Question Author


Yes Canary 😊

Question Author

Thank you 😊

Come short with note to rotter I’ve occasion to remember (13)


? entertainment

commemoration  ?

or commemorative

Question Author

Sorry Hazlinny, not entertainment

haras2, your second attempt is correct, well done😊

com(e)  memo  rat ive

Thanks  Canary42

An easy-peasy for Friday night 😏

Do you fancy a slice of chocolate roll Freddy?

No, not at the moment...

What is the letter count, please?

Apologies (5)


Yes, Hazlinny 😁

Thank you Haras 😊

Simply the best - so she chants haphazardly as anti return.  (4, 6)


Hint - thought you would all be familiar with those words in a song?

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Clue Chain 4

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