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Ian Downing Antiques Dealer Nationality

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johnnygwapo | 15:56 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | Society & Culture
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Where was the celebrity antique dealer Ian downing born/what is his nationality?



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I think he's a nice chap & I hope he has insurance & gets over the trauma of the attack.
16:13 Tue 02nd Apr 2024

Towning? Lucknow?

Question Author

Ian Towning in my Opinion is German, his Aristocratic roots in India and France are fictitious and self manufactured to suit his adopted persona,   he has no proof of his Indian pasta and does not speak Hindi or French, his name he may have changed by deed poll! 😉

Why does his nationality matter?

I think he's a nice chap & I hope he has insurance & gets over the trauma of the attack.

Is it not Ian Towning?

yes - as corrected at reply no 1


video of the attack was horrendous - should be an attempted murder charge if they are caught

What attack?

I really do not understand what you are asking.  You seem to have already formed a view.  So what if his name was changed by deed poll - anyone can do that.

naomi, Ian was attacked in his shop recently, the second time he has been the victim of a brutal attack

Ian is British, born in London

Oh good grief!  That's horrendous Barry.  Thanks for the link.

Question Author

Of course anyone can change their name, but I find it irritating when someone feels the need to embellish their past and credentials with manufactured, fictitious stories, making them appear to be of blue blooded Royal stock when they are not! These aristocratic credentials seem all the more ridiculous when you consider his lifestyle in Sydney 😉 but aside from that he is an interesting and entertaining character and I am shocked and saddened by news of the robbery at his business, and wish him a speedy recovery 

I take people as I find them without digging up their murky (?) past. It's not as if he changed sex or anything - or did he?

And you felt compelled to join Answerbank and tell us all that, johnnygwapo, just after the guy has been robbed and seriously assaulted?  How very odd ...

Johnny, there are plenty of hijras in India, they put drag queens in the shade.

Yes I read somewhere that he is from London.  I often wondered why he puts on that stupid accent.  Not condoning the attack though, that was dreadful,  but he always brings a smirk to my face when I hear him talk.

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Ian Downing Antiques Dealer Nationality

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