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Rules For Gambling / Betting Threads

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ABSpareEditor | 17:17 Wed 11th Mar 2020 | Sport
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There has been some confusion over what is and isn't allowed on The AnswerBank regarding the discussion of betting.

Spam is not allowed on The AnswerBank and neither is marketing or solicitation. Any acts of spam, marketing or solicitation will be removed.

However, it is perfectly fine for members to discuss gambling, betting, horse racing and the grand national as well as events such as Cheltenham.

If you feel a post may endorse gambling then please report it and the Editor will deal with it on a case by case basis. Do not disrupt the thread.


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I'll bet that works...
what's wrong with endorsing gambling? ?
Bet you a penny it doesn't:-)
Question Author
I should mention that endorsing gambling is not against Site Rules. However, if members find endorsements objectionable for a family friendly website then that is where posts may infringe the Site Rules.
Well, given my abysmal recent record in the 'Saturday Punt' threads, it can hardly be said that i'm endorsing gambling. Quite the reverse:-/
Then we can move on to the evils of drink on Temperancebank.
-- answer removed --
Bet that don't last long...
or the dangers of washing your hands on the manhy coronavirus threads
why meat really is good for you on the veg threads
Got that. Thanks.
Tip, is it, Boaty?
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-- answer removed --
-- answer removed --

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