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My Maxie

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JinnyJoan | 23:08 Thu 25th Jan 2024 | Animals & Nature
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Since I have been unwell for some time I am trying to make sure my Prince Maxie is well looked after after I have gone.

I am paying a donation to Dog's Trust  and Dog's Trust is also mentioned in my will, however I don't believe Maxie will get the care I want him to get.  When I got a lady from another organisation some months ago (she visited me) - she said I wasn't "sick" enough for him to be looked after.

I am actually looking for someone to look after him if I ever have to go into hospital urgently and need him looked after.

I was lucky last time when a neighbour took care of him a night and a day but I know he wouldn't want to do it again.

I just want to have a strong back-up for him and for me to happy with this.  Any advice to make this happen would be make me happy.  And no, no family or siblings would want to take him on.  Thanks for any advice.

I just worry that when I become ill I don't have a backup.  

Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks



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The Cinnamon Trust (which I'm a member of, by the way) operates in Northern Ireland:

Rosie's Trust also provides a similar sevice in NI:

I also suggest the Cinnamon Trust. My daughter walked a chihauha for an elderly lady for some time and I took over when daughter went to uni. We became friends and the lady got as much out of it as the dog. The trust will find a foster home for short term or permanent home and also walkers when the owner isn't able to. 

I have offered before and am offering again - I am more than happy to take Maxie if you need to go into hospital in an emergency.  You just put my details on a card in your purse.

I can post my email address again if you want to get in touch.

There are several on here that can vouch form my love of animals

There you are JinnyJoan, the answer to your heartache.

Posted too soon.... with Redhelens offer, I meant.

That is really good of you, Helen. I do hope that JJ will take you up on your offer. She'd be daft not to.

I also have a trusted rescue if my offer is not suitable 

Jj, I understand your anxiety.

I would be more than happy to have Maxie being looked after by Helen. Take her offer gratefully .

I think you're very kind, and very patient, to keep offering, Helen.

Question Author

thanks Helen for your kind offer

Are you feeling better now, JJ?  Eating okay?

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My Maxie

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