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Have You Had Your Pussy Chipped?

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Hymie | 14:00 Sat 13th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
7 Answers

With the deadline of 10 June fast approaching, apparently there are millions yet to get their pussy chipped – with the potential of a £500 fine for non-compliance.


I was completely unaware of this until I recently saw some article covering the requirements, but then I don’t have a pussy.



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I believe the ancient Egyptians would put a gold earring through the ears of their favourites.

Cruelty beyond belief.

How come you got away with using that word?

The last time I used it, in reference to a cat, it was deleted.

Mods on their tea break?

Question Author

And if Mrs Slocum's pussy could be mentioned on prime time TV , why not here?

Hymie, why have you put that link on?

I know what it means, both versions.

I've not had all three of my cats chipped yet, partly due to the stress of trying to catch them to get them to the vets' surgery.  (It can take a fortnight, with umpteen cancelled appointments because I couldn't catch one of them, just to get a single cat there!).

My darling Tablo wasn't chipped when she went missing 5 weeks ago but I knew that if anyone took her into the vets' surgery (alive or dead) to check if she was chipped, I'd be contacted anyway because I'd added her details (with a photo) onto their missing pets' register.  That's exactly how I got her back (skinny and exhausted but otherwise largely well) three weeks ago.

I had Tablo chipped while she was still at the surgery, in order to avoid the stress of trying to get her there at a later date.  I've still got to summon up the courage to try catching Chequers and Moonbeam though, as well as finding the £34.80 each to pay for their chips!

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Have You Had Your Pussy Chipped?

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