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JinnyJoan | 19:47 Mon 15th Apr 2024 | Animals & Nature
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I haven't changed anything ie food, drink but he is farting quite a bit and a little smelly.  I just wonder what is wrong.



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Are we talking about you dog?

He should lay off the guinness for a bit.

Could he have picked up something while out other than what you feed him ?

On a serious note jj. Could someone have given him anything he normally doesn't eat ? Are his stools normal ?

Is it a dog you are talking about? What food do you give him? Some dogs get food intolarent & this can cause wind etc. 

Or is your other half. 

For those not regular readers, Yes Maxie is a dog.

In my experience a farty dog is a healthy dog.

Not always .

If Maxie is toileting normally, energetic, has a good appetite, seems happy and isn't displaying odd behaviour I wouldn't worry.

You haven't changed his diet. Perhaps you should.

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