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Stress Fracture

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JinnyJoan | 22:49 Sun 26th May 2024 | Body & Soul
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some weeks ago my right foot/baby toe was very painful - I lived with it for about 3 weeks hoping the pain would go away - however I ended up going to hospital who gave me an x-ray and doctor said it was the above.  told me to wear this boot and come back again - second doctor more or less said that it wasn't a stress fracture but me being deaf I couldn't hear him too well but he made it out that the fracture was just a fracture of a fracture.  They gave me this black ankle book and I wore it for quite a bit of time today.  At about 8 tonight I took it off and the pain was absolutely excruciating after wearing it, pain was unbearable.  Can't believe a boot like this was ever made.  Now after some hours without the boot pain has calmed down.  I won't be wearing this boot again.  I literally wanted to cry with pain.  

Can anybody offer any thing to say.  I have broken a few bones in my time but this has been the most excruciating.  



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I had a similar problem a while ago and found that voltarol helped. I used the stronger one.

My hearing has got worse - I don't like them but we should wear hearing aids in situations where what is being said may be important. (My GP is soft spoken & usually wears a mask, I ask her to remove the mask & speak louder.)

Applying heat or cold may help with the pain.

PS - if it's a broken toe I don't see how an ankle support helps.

I think you need to see the doc again, this time with your aids in. Tell them about the excessive pain their boot caused.

Normal treatment for a broken toe is neighbour strapping, where the broken toe or finger is fixed to the one next to it.  A boot would be used for a broken bone further back in the foot.  The boot is to immobilise the break, not so you can carry on as normal. Any break would need rest and probably elevation.  If you were walking around On it too much no wonder if was painful.   

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well Rowan the first time/report I got from Dr Dan - that I had a stress fractor.  2 weeks later got another x-ray - another doctor  said now I'm thinking a hairline fracture.

But through it all I don't know where the pain is as the baby toe which is supposed to be broke is so unpainful.  The pain is hitting around the right of the ankle.  So between two consultants - dont think either of them are right.


All I know that the person who created the black boot for whatever was broke should be shot dead with the pain from it.

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Stress Fracture

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