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Another By Election On The Way #

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gulliver1 | 11:33 Sat 30th Mar 2024 | News
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Sunak has yet another headache on the way, As former Tory MP  Scott Benton resigns .Tiggering a by election for Blackpool south after being caught out by an under cover reporter.



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Question Author

Just another greedy Tory Mp ,caught on camera Lobbying for the gambling industry,,,,Bet he wishes he hadn't now.

Question Author

This greedy MP was willing to break lobbying rules for money.He offered to leak a confidential policy document in return for a payment of £4,000 a month.

depressing isnt it?

even your favourites gullz are regularly caught with their hands in the till

Question Author

Afraid this is just another case of a Tory MP letting his wallet rule his brains.

Oh, I thought this was another one, but it's the news from nearly a week ago, but maybe it's only just reached the Maltese Times.

Good riddance. (No, not you gulliver1!.. )

Find the news story online.

Click on the address bar to highlight the address, right click and copy, right click and paste. Voila. Other methods are available. Give it a go  gulliver. If you're still struggling just ask 

I don't yet know who will replace SB as our Conservative candidate. He is well thought of, in general, and I declined to send in a letter calling for him to step down. No-one I have spoken to has sent one in either. 

It's a shame he has spoilt his own political career and it is a shame that we, his constituents,will probably have someone parachuted in who knows little of the town and cares less.

Question Author

11.37...NMA..Nah  it's,   all part of the fun🤣.

Question Author

This by election could turn nasty if George Galloway and his party field a candidate.. which he said he is thinking of.

As I'm sure is posting porkies on your Dover thread (and others) and deliberately getting hold of the wrong end of the stick sp often. OK

Galloway's party won't. JTH will know but Blackpool seems to me to have a much smaller Muslim/anti Israel population than Rochdale did

GULLIVER, you might think that not including links is, "all part of the fun" but "you'll end up greetin" as my late mum would have said...

Question Author

12.11 TCL.... with respect to your late mum...

But Greetin  what ?

It’s time for the King to annul Parliament in its entirety and then invite in Putin and his hordes – and we would probably find that Gully would be a shoe-in for Minister of (Mis)Information.

JTH  Reform seem to have a decent candidate.  Local, already involved with a lot of homelessness issues etc..  I forget where I picked that up from.


scots word for crying

Question Author

DTC 12,26............... "A shoe in for minister".......................

         Just another load of cobblers from you as usual


The term is shoo in, if it helps.

I won't give a link though.... all part of the fun

Question Author

13.12,,   Shoor you didn't mean shoe as in cobblers.🤣

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Another By Election On The Way #

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