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Tory Mps To Trouser Again.

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gulliver1 | 14:44 Sat 30th Mar 2024 | News
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Taxpayers are to pick up a record breaking bill of £10 million when the 66 Tory Mps stand down at the general election . Each of these departing Tory MPs will each trouser an average £19,000 to voluntary stand down.   IPSA is even claiming it can take up  to as much as £116 ,000 for the cost of managing the departure of just one single MP.When you take all those things into account .What things? We know Who's account it will go to


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Rememeber 2010 gulliver?

This election had an unusually high number of MPs choosing not to seek re-election, with more standing down than did so at the 1945 general election (which on account of the extraordinary wartime circumstances came ten years after the preceding election).[17] This has been attributed to the 2009 expenses scandal and the fact there was talk that redundancy-style payments for departing MPs might be scrapped after the election.[18]

In all, 149 MPs (100 Labour, 35 Conservatives, 7 Liberal Democrats, 2 Independents, 1 Independent Conservative and 1 member each from the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the DUP, and the SDLP) decided not to contest the election. 


100 Labour MPs stood down. They could see the writing on the wall, but a bifg factor was the fear that redundancy payments might be scrapped in future. Wonder how many millions that cost UK tax payers

Oh don't bother gullible with statistics and facts, why, you haven't given him a link. He wouldn't read it in any case.

Question Author

As soon as this lot knew the writing was on the wall towards the end of last year they doubled the severance pay .

Question Author

The exuse these Cons came out with for doubling the severance pay was because it will now take longer to close down their office and manage departure staff . WALOB.

Let’s face it, they have no discernable skills that would be of any use to a prospective employer – unless you count contacts with government ministers who’d be happy to take a bribe.

But then, none of their mates are going to be in government – so they won’t even be in demand to facilitate bribes.

Apart from the 66 Cons who are eligible for 'redundancy' pay, it'll be interesting to see how many of the other 36 MPs who are standing down (including 17 Labour) will refuse thier redundancy pay,

Hymie- I  doubt they'll struggle to find work, The chances are they'll get a role that pays more than an MP's salary

Question Author

Hymie 14.28. Maybe a few of these soon to be Ex Tory Mps could get jobs with the🤣 Fraud Squad .🤣No training needed,🤣 all very experienced 🤣and self taught.🤣

gulliver, this is where a link might help. Some (not me of course ) might think you're telling porkies or have misunderstood again because 66 x £19000= £1.2 million, not 10 million. Maybe you could explain the 10 million figure and clarify whether it's all Cons or also includes non-Cons like Margaret Beckett or Harriet Harman.


Question Author

NMA 14.40 You are just playing with their piddling little starting figures ,,,,The Add ons are yet to be included.

gulliver, did you know, or just forget to tell us, that IPSA, who came up with the new terms, is an independent body


OK, so you complained about IPSA doubling the severance, but now when challenged on the facts you say this is only a piddling amount. Maybe your headline should be " MPs will only receive a piddling amount in severance"


I'm just sayinga  link to how the £10million was arrived at would help. Otherwise some might argue you're telling porkies again

ex MPs are hard to re-employ ( re - geddit? supposes the hot air in HoC is 'employment') - woodrow wyatt ( 1964-70) gadfly of the first two Wilson administrations(*) ended up as The Voice of Reason in NoW ( now defunct)

(*) how he google dat den? asks an incredulous mod

the other Desmond Donelly - ( 1964-70 ) working majority 2 died early at age 58

someone asks in disbelief - how he google DAT ?

It's 63, tories by the way, not 66.

The press report says total costs COULD (not WILL) be £116000.

Only two thirds of any costs will relate to Con MPs. You're implying all the £100 million is Cons.


"Official estimates suggest it costs an average of £116,000 per MP when they decide to stand down.

The sum covers staff redundancy, the cost of closing down an office, secure disposal of documents and winding-up payments to MPs - akin to redundancy.

The severance payment was doubled last year to more than £19,000, with MPs to be paid for four months instead of two while they close their office and manage the departure of staff."

"'The House of Commons Library has already produced a tracking spreadsheet of those who have said they are standing down,' she said.

Notwithstanding any changes through a general election, that list is already at 100, so that is £10million to start off with.'"

^typo, £10 million not £100 million.


Yes the corbeyloon but gulliver has attributed all £10 million to Tories. 

His comprehension skills have let him down again.

"Taxpayers are to pick up a record breaking bill of £10 million "

We Tax payers have picked up much bigger bills 

Am I Right ?

I'm Not Wrong !

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