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The First (Main) News Story On Bbc Tv This Morning

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Hymie | 09:04 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | News
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A man is expected to attend an Easter church service this morning.


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They're leading with news about our head of state. Would you rather they led with news of the Russian head of state sending missiles to Ukraine or the Israeli head of state ordering bombing raids on the Gaza Strip?

to celebrate lickle baby jesus rising again

so let us all celebrate King Charles has been raised....

bhg - the head of state of Israel sending bombers to re-flatten the Gaza strip isnt exactly very easterly - and any way the Beeb cant be called exactly Christian

( R4 ravingly marxist but not pro-Putin as that is obviously stupid even to them).


-- answer removed --

yeah I was thinking that: in Greek it would be tis ( a certain man) - and Arabic mu'amin ( a certain man)- I think.

spur to learning my vocab. - see Kripke - Naming and Necessity ( I am not saying read) is  - -- a man the same as the man ?

^ You getting worse,Peter?

A mean post, hymie.

What else do you expect from Hymie,Naomi?

I'd rather they led every day with what happens in Ukraine, but this is the UK in case you hadn't noticed and well, as Naomi said, not a very kind post tbh.

I  go to church this morning, that's not news (well, it WOULD be, actually, to a very small circle!). A cancer-stricken king goes to church for Easter, that is news like it or not.

contains 2 things I would abolish - monarchy & religion!

Question Author

I might go down the pub later today – I wonder if I should inform the BBC, so they can include this in their news schedule.

Good luck with saying that outside a mosque Dave.

@09.50.Better watch that there are no crown symbols on your pint glass then Hymie.

I doubt very much if Charles actually believes in (a) God - it's all a huge farcical facade.

-- answer removed --

@09.54.Good luck with saying that outside a mosque [email protected] Answer Hymie?

I've left my wee flag somewhere, anyone got a spare?


It's a quiet news day ...

                 (Hope he says a prayer for Answer Bank)

I suppose that singling out individuals for special treatment and consideration simply because of an accident of birth or marriage to one of them is the mark of a stable and balanced mind.

Now fetch my gold hat and peel me another swan.

it's the role he fills douglas 

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