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gulliver1 | 14:56 Sun 31st Mar 2024 | News
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A new poll amongst 15,000 people shows,Tories are only likely to hold on to 100 seats or even less at the General Election.With Labour to sweep the Board with 468 seats  Even Sunak and Hunt could lose their seats.  Wonder how many more Tory MPs are about to ask for their severance pay ?🤣



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 It is a debate if this has been the most cynical self centred conservative government for a long time. Lets hope the next new government acts and connects with the people like they should.

Perhaps a massive Starmer win will shut all the Corbynites on here up.I doubt it.Gromit,et al will be along afterwards to say "Oh,we werent Corbynites,we were Starmerites all along".

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William .   I must admit this lot do seem to have been looking after themselves, Cronies then Their Party.The only concern they have for the working people is to make sure they pay their taxes so that the Tories can trouser those taxes.

it's pretty inevitable there'll be regime change at the next election. but a win as big as is being predicted would not be good overall. a strong opposition is as important as a strong government.

I can remember the days when TTT was telling us that there was no chance of the Tories losing the next general election (after their win in 2019) – which would require a record vote swing to Labour.

How times have changed.

The Labour Party at Westminster will just inherit the problems the Tories have at present,i cant see them doing any better than the car-crash Tories.Same up here in Scotland when the Labour Party takes over from the SNP,they will just inherit a mess which they wont be able to deal with either.

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Hymie 15.37 .Hope you are right Hymie, and of course if Labour do win with a huge majority which is now looking very likely .I am sure TTT will post an apologie and say he got it wrong. Being the noble stiff upper lip English gentleman that he is.🤣

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YFM 15.55 Think the best thing Labour can do as soon as they have got the keys to no 10 and waved Goodbye to Richi, sitting in the passenger seat of the Pickfords van with his wife waving out of the back sitting in an arm chair. Is to start work on changing the electoral law for them to stay in power for ten years. Because it's going to be a hell of a job to sort this mess out that the Tories will be leaving behind for them.


Same up here in Scotland,gully.I wonder if Humza will drive away in a £100,000 motorhome?

Most governments get at least 2 terms anyway. Its the usual cycle. 

Labour in 60s, Wilson in 74, thatcher x3, New Labour x3, tories recently.

No need for gerrymandering.

// Is to start work on changing the electoral law for them to stay in power for ten years. //

thin end of the wedge, that. once a party starts down that road, how far is it then reasonable to go?

YNNAFYMMI, the same poll suggests the SNP will win forty-one of the fifty-five Westminster seats at the next election.

@16.31.A good point,mushroom.Didnt a certain Mr Schicklegruber and a certain Mr Putin also pull the same stunt?

@16.43.A good thing or a bad thing having more nationalists at WM,Tcl?

// Didnt a certain Mr Schicklegruber..... //

yes. closely followed by voting to allow the executive to make laws without reference to parliament, closely followed by the abolition of the opposition parties.

@16.50.Yes.I wonder if Mr Corbyn had got in at the last election would he have tried the same stunt?Mr Schicklegruber hated the Jews with a vengeance,anyone on here know Mr Corbyns views on Jews?

In theory the King can refuse to sign such a bill, that's one of his uses and a good reason to keep the monarchy. I suspect there might be a way round it but it could take long enough for a change of government to take place when it could be dropped.

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Even Sunak is now trying to cover his tracks knowing he is going to lose by saying. He inherited  the worst situation for decades  from Truss and Johnson . Just the very fact of saying this means he is trying to save face for when the guillotine blade drops.

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Sunak is not even sure if he can hold on to his own seat which looks like falling to Labour .Sunak has been advised that delaying the election until the end of the year so that the Tories can hang on to power by their finger tips until the very very last dying breath(which is what they are doing) will almost guarantee Tory Defeat.

Groundhog day, again, already?

Surely there are only so many ways to say the same thing day in day out, week after week, month after month?

Speculation is one thing but self-satisfied pronouncements are wearing exceedingly thin. 

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