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Seven Aid Workers Killed

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Untitled | 15:26 Tue 02nd Apr 2024 | News
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an aid convoy supplying gaza was hit by an israeli airstrike, killing seven aid workers three of whom have been confirmed to be british. 

World Central Kitchen was one of the main organisations left that was still supplying food to the population of gaza (about 60% of what gets in) and has now paused its operations.. they say that they liaised with the IDF and were fired upon anyway 

almost 200 aid workers have been killed in gaza since october

was this really an accident? 



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continued from above....would be a good way of doing it. Create a famine. Hospitals destroyed so they have no medical capibilities. Israel have a lot to gain from these "accidents". Of course, Israel wouldn't do that on purpose, would they? Would they?
07:27 Wed 03rd Apr 2024

Sadly the defenders of terrorists struggle to see that these are essentially more victims of Hamas.

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"This is not only an attack against WCK, this is an attack on humanitarian organizations showing up in the most dire of situations where food is being used as a weapon of war. This is unforgivable,” said World Central Kitchen CEO Erin Gore."

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It wasn't hamas that killed them 

Yes, I think it was really an accident, but then things like that happen when the IDF is as careless as it obviously is ... all the time, but not involving Brits, Aussies, Americans and Canadians like in this case.

untitled: "It wasn't hamas that killed them "  - yes it was if they'd stayed home on Oct 7th they'd still be alive. Everything that has happenned is all 100% at the door of Hamas and muslim terrorists generally.

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Yet they did liaise with the IDF and were travelling in a deconflicted zone... 

could it be that some members of israel's military aren't too keen on food getting into gaza and hope to deter aid organisations? 

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i hold whoever gave the instruction to fire responsible toratortora. it seems that israel could do quite literally anything it wanted as far as you are concerned and you'd still say they had no responsibility

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Three british citizens all killed by a government that both of our major political parties cheer on... 

what's more important? protecting british citizens or supporting israel?

I'm afraid it's all getting a bit uncomfortable now and the IDF are behaving like wild animals.

They were killed by Hamas, they started all this.

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it was the IDF who bombed the convoy not hamas 

We passed the eye for an eye threshold a while back, Tora, what's going on now seems more like bloodlust.

yes but the whole thing follows from Oct 7th.

I hope so doug, I hope the exterminate every last one of Hamas. I am sad for the collatersl damage but they are also victims of the original attrocities.

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well the zone they were travelling in was deemed deconflicted by the IDF and they were in communication with the IDF to ensure their safety... so the old "it was just collateral damage" wheeze is probably not going to work here... i wonder what they will come up with. my prediction is that they'll just keep saying its under investigation until everyone has forgotten about it and then the whole thing and then that will be that

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*whole thing will be swept under the rug and that will be that

Christ, Tora you'll have us all the way back to the Garden of Eden before much longer.

This can't go on indefinitely.

15:55, irrelevant, they'd all be alive if Hamas had stayed in Gaza on Oct 7th. Why is this so hard to grasp? Anyone innocent is collateral the rest are lowlofe terrorist scum, end of.

> you'll have us all the way back to the Garden of Eden

You mean October 6th 2023, when everything was sweetness and light and there was no evil in the world ...


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Seven Aid Workers Killed

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